Brooklyn – Review

Personal and richly humane, 'Brooklyn' is a small tale gracefully told, carried by a glowing, transcendent performance from Saoirse Ronan.
A top-flight cast is mostly wasted in an action thriller made with competence but without passion.
While partaking in its share of clichés, this story of two friends manages to be funny and moving thanks in no small part to enjoyable, engaging performances from its leads.
The introduction of Spider-Man and Black Panther into the MCU are highlights, but Civil War’s lack of cohesiveness and the hard-to-follow fight sequences prevent it from being the earth-shattering event it’s pitched as.
'Chongqing Hotpot' is unabashedly popcorn-y, a veritable smorgasbord of elements representing cinema at its most entertaining and escapist (or some would say lowbrow and shallow). Leave logic at the door and strap in for the ride.

Project Almanac – Review

Throws up some genuinely intriguing time-travel conundrums, but is undone by a foolish fixation on the found-footage format.
Sure, the leading men have chemistry, but unremarkable action sequences and jokes that are more cringe-inducing than genuinely funny ensure this won’t be front and centre in most moviegoers’ memories after they leave the theatre.

The Program – Review

Slick and entertaining but ultimately superficial, Ben Foster’s delicious albeit obvious lead performance keeps this biopic on track.
The Low-Down: You’d be forgiven for thinking that Bumblebee is yet another shameless cash-grab by the powers-that-be behind the Transformers franchise. There isn’t much incentive to improve, after all: money keeps pouring in at the box office (especially in China), even as the films - and scripts...

Aloha – Review

The white stuff – and also the wrong stuff.
It has the veneer of learnedness rather than actually being smart, but 'Inferno' does have its entertaining moments and shows off some quality globe-trotting.
A dud dramatically, but a delight when the clothes come off.

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