Mortdecai – Review

Johnny Depp knows nobody takes him seriously anymore and goes “what the heck”.
There's no second-best about it – this sequel is every bit as delightful as its predecessor.

Split (2017) – Review

'Split' gives James McAvoy a meaty, showy role, but that doesn’t diminish how tasteless it is to play mental illness for scares. Still, Shyamalan should continue down this path of smaller-scale, performance-driven thrillers.

Chappie – Review

It looks like a relatively cool product and all the specs check out, but a crippling software error brings Chappie down.
Somewhat sexy, somewhat dangerous, beautiful to look at but often pointlessly so, A Bigger Splash’s arthouse-ness overcomes its potential for true intrigue and dark humour.
You’ll have to wait until May 2015 for any actual “crossing” to happen...
Get ready to Ragnarok & Roll - this film is the most fun you’ll have in a cinema all year!

Pan – Review

A middling fantasy adventure that never quite takes flight, Pan is another revisionist fairy-tale that doesn’t fully justify its existence, but should be fun enough for the tykes in the audience.
'The Predator' suffers from a clunky third act but makes up with impressive action and visuals.
A musical that will blow you away with its magical songs and brilliantly choreographed dances, it’s a simple story about accepting who we are is always better than pretending we’re more.
Cheesy and generic but bloody and fast-paced, 'Hitman: Agent 47' is reasonably fun to laugh at and is somewhat entertaining if one can embrace the dumbness wholeheartedly.
Hardly surprising but a shame nonetheless: this sequel sinks where its predecessor soars.

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