A straight-forward, small-scale crime thriller, Mean Dreams’ talented leads sell its central romance but the film never quite shifts out of second gear.

Black Mass – Review

A true crime biopic that gets under one’s skin, Black Mass may not reach the loftiest heights of the mob movie subgenre but it boasts a stellar, terrifying turn from Johnny Depp.
'The 9th Life of Louis Drax' is an interesting type of bad. Fascinating ideas and potentially moving moments are done a disservice by the stilted approach; its weirdness off-putting rather than beguiling.
This uninspired crime flick is plodding, shambling and other synonyms for “slow”. A movie with “heist” in the title should send the pulse racing instead of rendering viewers comatose.
A commanding performance from Benedict Cumberbatch and a surfeit of exciting, richly-realised visuals make this a supremely entertaining MCU outing.
'Mad Max' fans will get to see Furiosa and Nux reunite under very unlikely circumstances.
A well-executed spy thriller sorely lacking the pizzazz to elevate it into filmic greatness.
Watchable and taut, but fumbles the ratio between drama and comedy. Clooney and Roberts are most definitely not in this just for the money.
It’s politicians and bureaucrats vs. a giant monster in this intelligent and thoughtfully-crafted but not particularly exciting or affecting Godzilla reboot.
This is probably the sexiest Wong Fei-hung has ever been...
'Collateral Beauty' has a premise that’s as intriguing as it is problematic and while a significant portion of its talent is wasted, there are commendable performances here too.

Mother! (2017) – Review

“Mother!” touches on dark themes, makes some blatant biblical references and is a creative and grotesque masterpiece that will leave you either in awe or disgust.

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