Overly ambitious in presenting too many perspectives, the film lacks a clear direction for both the characters and the audience, wasting a promising opening and convincing performances.

Inside Out – Review

At once heart-rending and euphoric, Pixar’s odyssey of the mind is a triumph in every regard, from its story to its design to its excellent voice cast.
A high-spirited biopic that packs in the laughs and thrills, American Made doesn’t delve deeply enough into the political intrigue to be very substantive, but it’s an entertaining, well-made Tom Cruise vehicle all the same.

Hero 2015 – Review

Not enough pace, plot or pulse, but plenty of crowd-pleasing throwbacks to the original series propel Hero 2015 forward.

Dirty Grandpa – Review

Crass, tired and always going for the most obvious joke, 'Dirty Grandpa' is an old dog desperately in need of learning some new tricks.

Collide (2017) – Review

'Collide' is built from familiar parts, but is far from a car wreck thanks to an overqualified cast.
MAMMA MIA! runs from now till 18 November 2018 at The Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands.

Sully – Review

Tom Hanks’ dignified and likeable performance lifts 'Sully' above the waters of mediocrity.
Sometimes the spiciest gingers still don’t make the best tasting dishes.
Star power, intricate costume design and flashy visual effects set-pieces can’t keep this formulaic, mostly listless sequel/prequel/spin-off from leaving us cold.
Buckle up for an exhilarating ride of shocking revelations and cathartic dialogue nailed by phenomenal performances.
Cheesy and generic but bloody and fast-paced, 'Hitman: Agent 47' is reasonably fun to laugh at and is somewhat entertaining if one can embrace the dumbness wholeheartedly.

Soul (2020) – Movie Review

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Monster Hunter (2020) – Review

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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) – Review

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Tiong Bahru Social Club (2020) – Review

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Samjin Company English Class (삼진그룹 영어토익반) (2020) – Review

The Low-Down: It’s the 1990s and apart from cheesy hairdos, the Korean Jaebeols (재벌) - big conglomerates...