A soaring, inspiring adventure centred by Gal Gadot’s assured star turn, Wonder Woman is the movie long-time fans of the iconic superheroine have been waiting for.
One of the scariest, smartest and most thought-provoking films of the year.
It’s really, really silly but you knew that going into it already.

Sisters – Review

It’s far from the best use of Poehler and Fey’s talents and it tends to go for the obvious, easy jokes, but 'Sisters' narrowly passes muster thanks to the duo’s irresistible chemistry.
'Gongjak' doesn't have the wow factor of typical spy movies but the performances and characterisations are worth the lengthy recount of Korea's contentious political saga.
Beneath the over-the-top carnage and war movie clichés lies a fascinating true story brought to life by a remarkable performance from Andrew Garfield.
This heartfelt tale of music makers and dreamers of dreams will put a song in your heart and a spring in your step.
Even as it poses heady, heavy questions regarding the ethics of drone warfare, 'Eye in the Sky' does not get bogged down in politics and provides edge-of-your-seat entertainment in addition to food for thought.
You’ll leave the theatre thinking, “we should have gone deeper”. 'Inception' with demons should be a whole lot more gripping than this.
Silly and generic but sufficiently entertaining, 'Mechanic: Resurrection' is as predictable as clockwork.

Paddington – Review

When even a quintessentially British icon like Paddington Bear starts echoing a message of equality and discrediting the old white man’s burden, that really gives one some food for thought.
Occasionally meandering but always poignant, 'Everybody Wants Some!!' captures both the idealism and irresponsibility of youth in a narrative suffused with the zeitgeist of the 1980s.

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