You’ve seen Juliette Binoche in an enormous range of movies: everything from the unabashed Hollywood blockbuster (Godzilla) to the lush literary classic (The English Patient) and the proudly French arthouse film (Three Colours: Blue).
In Suicide Squad, the highly-anticipated third entry in the DC Extended Universe, a team of volatile superheroes are doing what doesn’t come naturally to any of them: saving the day. Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Enchantress, El Diablo, Slipknot and Killer Croc, wrangled by Rick Flag and his bodyguard Katana, comprise “Task Force X” – assembled by government official Amanda Waller, they are coerced into running errands for, ostensibly, the side of good.
"I want to be in life, I just want to be here in life, on life’s terms and figure out the challenge of it, be here for the mystery." - Andrew Garfield
Director Jonathan Liebesman, and some of the cast and voice talent talk about the movie. There's also some new footage, trailer, various featurettes, and a special greeting from Megan Fox. Enjoy them all below!
From the minds of the deranged geniuses who decided that Jane Austen and zombies would be a good mix comes Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a film that re-imagines the 16th president of America as a guy who not only has the emancipation of slaves on his resume, but also moonlighted as a killer of bloodsuckers.

Check out our exclusive video chat (embedded below) with film director Timur Bekmambetov, leading man Benjamin Walker, arch villain Rufus Sewell and writer/producer Seth Grahame-Smithe - scribe of the original novel - as they talk about character origins, Tim Burton's influence on the work, and the process of shooting the film.
Director Marc Webb talks about putting his own stamp on Peter Parker`s story with The Amazing Spider-Man.

By James White

Jumping aboard the latest instalment of a franchise spawning two and a half billion dollars and featuring a legendary, beloved comic book character would be daunting enough on its own, but setting out to make a film grounded in the real world, one featuring a someone who puts the hero back in superhero? That takes real guts.
Home-grown actor-turned-director Michelle Chong met the press at Marina Bay Sands yesterday to promote her second film, 3 Peas In A Pod, a movie about three best friends who take a life-changing graduation road-trip across Australia.

By Shawne Wang

- It takes more than just good actors to make a great movie. Join us as we talk to the various talents behind one of the most anticipated blockbusters this holiday season, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Who's in this interview?

ROBERT DOWNEY JR (Sherlock Holmes),
JARED HARRIS (Moriarty),
GUY RITCHIE (Director),
JOEL SILVER (Producer),
SUSAN DOWNEY (Producer),
HANS ZIMMER (Composer)
F*** sat down with Bong for an interview at Seoul’s Four Seasons Hotel where the director spoke very candidly and occasionally through a Korean translator about Okja’s controversial journey and the subliminal message at the end of the film.

Interview – Tom Felton

Draco No More
Tom Felton shares his thoughts about the end of the Harry Potter series and what he'll miss the most about it

How emotional was it seeing all these sets that you worked on for 10 years being destroyed?
Being destroyed in the context of the film, it was quite cool. I was okay with that. It was seeing the actual sets in that still empty state leaving. That was the sort of weird thing and thinking and wondering, ‘What's gonna happen to them?` I still sit here now and ponder what's happened to the great hall, whether it's still standing, and what's gonna happen to it. It's quite sad actually, when you got me thinking about it.

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