"I really wanna do a Thelma and Louise with Shailene (Woodley)!" - Emma Stone
"It’s good to be bad. It’s good to be bad! " - Jamie Foxx
Much has been made of Marc Webb's aptronym – just like the guy named "Otto Octavius" ended up with robot arms welded to his person, the guy named "Webb" was handed the directorial reins to the Spider-Man movie franchise. By Jedd Jong A music video director (working with the likes of...
Andrew Garfield may be dressed in the red and blue Spidey suit and have the web-shooters affixed to his wrists, but producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are the real web-spinners. By Jedd Jong The former CEO of Toy Biz-turned film producer, Arad was one of the founders of Marvel...
When Dante Lam's That Demon Within, the twenty-first film of his impressive career, premiered at the Friedrichstadt Palast at this year's Berlin Film Festival, everyone agreed: this is one of the darkest films we've seen at the festival... By Matic Majcen In fact, it all starts very conventionally, with a story...
F*** speaks to gymnast-turned-actress Sophie NÃ
Sandra Ng`s voluptuous figure in Golden Chickensss, her upcoming Chinese New Year comedy, has come under plenty of scrutiny in the media. As kindly prostitute and mamasan Kam, Ng`s onscreen assets measuring a frankly massive 38G, if you please look astonishingly real on both the poster and in the film.
F*** speaks to upcoming actor Zach Gilford who plays a newlywed whose life is turned upside down when his wife`s unexpected pregnancy may be the work of the devil in DEVIL'S DUE...
On Tuesday, F*** was at the ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands Singapore where renowned action star Jackie Chan spoke to the press about his latest film, Police Story 2013. Maybe we shouldn`t be calling him an “action star though “I really want to prove to audiences that I`m an actor, not an ‘action star`. I`m an actor who can fight, not a fighter who can act, because if you fall into the latter category it`s hard to have a long career, he said empathically. Jackie has had a long and illustrious career indeed, and he assured us that there`s more to come yet.
Producer-star Andy Lau is hoping to end 2013 with a bang with his action-thriller Firestorm. Lau, who was in Singapore with co-star Gordon Lam Ka Tung, happily proclaimed “we blew up Central! The major Hong Kong thoroughfare of Pedder Street definitely feels the heat, serving as the location for the climactic final showdown in the film that was chosen to open ScreenSingapore. Firestorm received its world premiere at Resorts World Sentosa last night, and F*** was at the press conference at Marina Bay Sands that afternoon.
Home-grown actor-turned-director Michelle Chong met the press at Marina Bay Sands yesterday to promote her second film, 3 Peas In A Pod, a movie about three best friends who take a life-changing graduation road-trip across Australia.

By Shawne Wang

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In Tiny Times, director Guo Jingming's adaptation of his own best-selling novel, the character of Lin Xiao takes centre stage - the star of what is ostensibly an ensemble-driven movie. Chinese actress Yang Mi tells F*** which character in the film she's really like.

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