"I love being a woman, I am a devout artist, that is who I was born to be, and I am starving for a feminine presence, more of a feminine presence in art, not just in film, but also in our directors, in our painters and sculptors, we need that." Zoe Saldana
There’s no doubt that Dave Bautista is a physically imposing man, standing at 1.98 m tall, his bulging arms completely covered in tattoos. At the Southeast Asia press tour for Guardians of the Galaxy held in Singapore, he sported a beard and an ivy cap, looking laid-back and casual.
Few issues provoke more intense discussion among Singaporeans than the foreign talent debate, and local films as far back as 2002’s I Not Stupid have capitalized on the us-versus-them dichotomy to draw in crowds at the local box office.
Ever wondered what goes on in the minds of the director and cast crazy enough to embark on a cinematic journey that lasted for 12 years?
Here in Singapore, we’re hooked on a feeling and high on believing after director James Gunn and stars Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista journeyed from the furthest reaches of the cosmos to our sunny shores.
The Four Seasons are back!
"I'm actually very, very willing to be goofy and act a little childish. But I think the media just see a different side to me." - Fan Bingbing
It's a sure sign of the enormous success of Game Of Thrones that Peter Dinklage was greeted with screams as loud and joyous as those that rained down on Hugh Jackman during last week's blue-carpet premiere for X-Men: Days Of Future Past.  By Shawne Wang Everyone's favourite Lannister is moving from...
Everyone says Hugh Jackman is one of the most unfailingly nice guys in the business – and we're certainly not going to say any different.
F*** was at Orchard Hotel on Tuesday, attending the press conference and round table interviews for Filial Party. The Singaporean film, starring an ensemble of faces regular Channel 8 viewers will doubtlessly find familiar, is being released in conjunction with Mother’s Day. In the film, Mark Lee plays Millionaire...
"I want to be in life, I just want to be here in life, on life’s terms and figure out the challenge of it, be here for the mystery." - Andrew Garfield

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