F*** meets Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon at the 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' red carpet - By Jedd Jong
Yes, the adventures in Middle-earth is coming to an end... but not before we hear, read and watch whatever interviews and stories we can get our hands on!

In Civillised Company

Team Cap and co-director Joe Russo touch down in Singapore to talk 'Captain America: Civil War'
5 Minutes With Michelle Chong
Host, actress, comedienne, impersonator of foreign talentâ€
On Tuesday, F*** was at the ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands Singapore where renowned action star Jackie Chan spoke to the press about his latest film, Police Story 2013. Maybe we shouldn`t be calling him an “action star though “I really want to prove to audiences that I`m an actor, not an ‘action star`. I`m an actor who can fight, not a fighter who can act, because if you fall into the latter category it`s hard to have a long career, he said empathically. Jackie has had a long and illustrious career indeed, and he assured us that there`s more to come yet.

The Oscars Aftermath

The Oscars Aftermath
After all the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards has faded, what does it all mean for the Hollywood studios and actors? Does Academy Award success translate into the big bucks and the dolce vita? The answer depends on who you askâ€

Twisted Ambitions

Singaporean director Chai Yee Wei is looking to put Singapore cinema on the international map with his new feature, Twisted

by Raymond Tan

As I approach the office of Shaw Pictures, I was greeted by a Shaw executive, who led me to a staircase where Chai Yee Wei was happily perched on, fiddling his cellphone. He gets up, smiles and gives me a firm handshake.

- It takes more than just good actors to make a great movie. Join us as we talk to the various talents behind one of the most anticipated blockbusters this holiday season, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Who's in this interview?

ROBERT DOWNEY JR (Sherlock Holmes),
JARED HARRIS (Moriarty),
GUY RITCHIE (Director),
JOEL SILVER (Producer),
SUSAN DOWNEY (Producer),
HANS ZIMMER (Composer)
Watch our online interviews with director Shawn Levy, and the main cast of THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU - Jason Bateman, Adam Driver, Tina Fey and Jane Fonda, where they share their thoughts and feelings of the film.
Transformers Mania Hits Town!
Are you ready for the first ever Transformers Cybertron Con in Southeast Asia?

Whether you're a recent convert to the series thanks to the Michael Bay films, or a long-time fan of the franchise, the Transformers Cyberton Con is expected to churn Transformers mania in Southeast Asia to a fever pitch. The first ever Transformers Cybertron Con in Southeast Asia is to be held at the Resorts World Convention Centre from 11-14 March 2012, and will feature a gamut of exhibits and activities to sate the appetites of everyone from neophytes to the most avid of fanatics.
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F*** checks out The Game of Thrones Experience: World of Westeros

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