Producer-star Andy Lau is hoping to end 2013 with a bang with his action-thriller Firestorm. Lau, who was in Singapore with co-star Gordon Lam Ka Tung, happily proclaimed “we blew up Central! The major Hong Kong thoroughfare of Pedder Street definitely feels the heat, serving as the location for the climactic final showdown in the film that was chosen to open ScreenSingapore. Firestorm received its world premiere at Resorts World Sentosa last night, and F*** was at the press conference at Marina Bay Sands that afternoon.
From early films like Ju Dou and Raise the Red Lantern to recent efforts like Hero and House of Flying Daggers, Zhang Yimou has consistently proved himself as China`s most outstanding director of the past 25 years. Yet even by the high standards he sets himself, his latest project The Flowers of War is remarkable.

Uniting for the first time with British actor Christian Bale, star of The Dark Knight, American Psycho and The New World, Zhang adapts Yan Geling`s novel, the story of an American citizen named John Miller, who arrives in China during the 1937 rape of Nanking, when the city was overrun by invading Japanese troops. Seeking shelter in a nearby cathedral, Miller becomes the unwitting protector of a group of schoolgirls who live in the building, a situation that gets even more complicated when a handful of local prostitutes also desperate to survive arrive at the church.

Below Zhang talks about what drew him to this particularly part of Chinese history, how it felt to helm the most expensive film ever made in his country and what it was like to collaborate with the explosives team that worked on Saving Private Ryan. Zhang is joined in the discussion by his star, Christian Bale, who gives an insight into what it was like to work in China and be accompanied by his own personal bodyguard.
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The dead are alive in Ghost The Musical, based on the 1990 film starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. The romantic fantasy that swept audiences off their feet with a tale of love transcending death has taken a new form as a stage musical. We were at the Sands Theatre in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on Wednesday morning to catch a press preview of the production ahead of its opening night in Singapore.
Always wanted to be an astronaut? Here's a crash course in astrophysics!


F*** talks to local director Lee Thean-jeen about Homecoming, one of the many festive fares coming your way this Chinese New Year

By Kaye S.

An experienced director-writer in Singapore's independent production industry, Lee Thean-jeen has written, directed, edited or overseen more than a hundred hours of award-winning television since 2000, winning multiple awards along the way.

Twisted Ambitions

Singaporean director Chai Yee Wei is looking to put Singapore cinema on the international map with his new feature, Twisted

by Raymond Tan

As I approach the office of Shaw Pictures, I was greeted by a Shaw executive, who led me to a staircase where Chai Yee Wei was happily perched on, fiddling his cellphone. He gets up, smiles and gives me a firm handshake.

Based on Nicholas Sparks' bestselling novel, The Lucky One stars Zac Efron alongside Taylor Schilling and Blythe Danner. The romantic drama is directed by Academy AwardÂ
It has been an exciting and busy month on the period fantasy front, with orcs, elves and wizards gallivanting around Middle-earth one last time in Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit 3'. If you are not already OD-ed, here's more...
Special effects makeup artists: they’re responsible for transforming handsome leading men into hideous beasts, making it look as if someone’s been scalped without hurting a hair on their head and aging up 20-somethings so they look indistinguishable from actual octogenarians. Often as unsung as they are integral to the production, these artists make movie magic happen.
It's all about clashes between superheroes this spring
F*** sat down with Bong for an interview at Seoul’s Four Seasons Hotel where the director spoke very candidly and occasionally through a Korean translator about Okja’s controversial journey and the subliminal message at the end of the film.

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