It`s not just about the suit, it`s about the man or woman behind the suit too

By Balvinder Sandhu


Hugh Jackman Wolverine

Seriously, is there any woman in the world who does NOT find Jackman sexy? We thought not. When he first burst onto the big screen in 2000 as Wolverine in X-Men, millions of women frantically tried to find out more about this Aussie hunk (Google wasn`t very big back then). He has since appeared in his own Wolverine movie and, although we aren`t massive fans of the hair and sideburns, it`s the man under all of that hair that just oozes sex appeal.

F*** meets Kung Fu Yoga stars Jackie Chan, Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur and Muqi Miya and director Stanley Tong in Singapore

Director GORE VERBINSKI tells F*** about Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, and putting the actors through cowboy boot camp in his whole new take on the epic adventure, THE LONE RANGER.

Academy Awardwinning director Gore Verbinski (“Rango, “Pirates of the Caribbean) reteams with both producer Jerry Bruckheimer and actor Johnny Depp to helm the triumvirate`s newest adventure. The idea to make “The Lone Ranger germinated several years ago but Verbinski didn`t get excited about it until he saw Johnny Depp`s take on Tonto. “Johnny showed me a picture of himself dressed up as Tonto with a bird on his head that he had taken at some point, recalls Verbinski. “He asked me if I wanted to come back and work on this project. It was a really great image, so I began to think about doing it for real.
"I love being a woman, I am a devout artist, that is who I was born to be, and I am starving for a feminine presence, more of a feminine presence in art, not just in film, but also in our directors, in our painters and sculptors, we need that." Zoe Saldana

Book your calendar from 15-26 May for a delightful sojourn in Europe! Unfortunately, we can`t actually take you to Europe but the films in the 23rd European Union Film Festival can transport you thereâ€

Tiny Times å

Best known for his breakout performance in You're The Apple Of My Eye, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko is not sitting on his laurels - he's moved on to star in China's latest mega-blockbuster hit, Tiny Times. In the film, he plays Gu-Yuan, the wealthy boyfriend of Amber Kuo's wealthy ice princess Gu Li.

Kai Ko speaks exclusively to F*** about his challenges in playing a character very different from himself - and getting to know his fellow cast members in Tiny Times.

Winter Is Coming

F*** is on the red carpet to catch the stars of The Huntsman: Winter’s War
F*** was at Orchard Hotel on Tuesday, attending the press conference and round table interviews for Filial Party. The Singaporean film, starring an ensemble of faces regular Channel 8 viewers will doubtlessly find familiar, is being released in conjunction with Mother’s Day. In the film, Mark Lee plays Millionaire...
Watch our online interviews with director Shawn Levy, and the main cast of THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU - Jason Bateman, Adam Driver, Tina Fey and Jane Fonda, where they share their thoughts and feelings of the film.
Singaporean director K. Rajagopal’s feature film debut, A Yellow Bird, was picked to be screened at the International Critic’s Week showcase during the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. Rajagopal found himself catapulted from the back alleys where much of A Yellow Bird was set to the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera.
F*** chats with director Charles Martin Smith who returns with his principal cast members for another adventure with Winter, the rescued dolphin with the prosthetic tail in 'Dolphin Tale 2'.


F*** talks to local director Lee Thean-jeen about Homecoming, one of the many festive fares coming your way this Chinese New Year

By Kaye S.

An experienced director-writer in Singapore's independent production industry, Lee Thean-jeen has written, directed, edited or overseen more than a hundred hours of award-winning television since 2000, winning multiple awards along the way.

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