F*** sat down with Bong for an interview at Seoul’s Four Seasons Hotel where the director spoke very candidly and occasionally through a Korean translator about Okja’s controversial journey and the subliminal message at the end of the film.
It's all about clashes between superheroes this spring
"I love being a woman, I am a devout artist, that is who I was born to be, and I am starving for a feminine presence, more of a feminine presence in art, not just in film, but also in our directors, in our painters and sculptors, we need that." Zoe Saldana
Army Dazed
We probe into the dark recesses of Gilbert Chan`s mind to get an insight into his inspiration for making 23:59, his personal encounters with the supernatural, and his talent for scaring hapless army boys so badly that they weep uncontrollably in the toilet (No, we`re not making up that last bit!)

By Raphael Lim

The movie has some truly hair-raising scenes; did you have any similar experiences during NS to inspire you in thinking up the horror sequences?
Actually, strange experiences did happen to me when I was writing the script. There was once when I was writing late into the night, about 3 am. All of a sudden, I could hear furniture being dragged across the floor right above me. It was so loud that I stopped writing and went to sleep. The next day, I went upstairs to my neighbour to speak to them about the noise. This old Indian lady opened the door. She told me that only she and her husband were staying in the apartment and they slept really early. And it was impossible that they were shifting their furniture so late at night! My hair kind of stood when I heard that.

Tiny Times å

In Tiny Times, director Guo Jingming's adaptation of his own best-selling novel, the character of Lin Xiao takes centre stage - the star of what is ostensibly an ensemble-driven movie. Chinese actress Yang Mi tells F*** which character in the film she's really like.

And the Oscar goes too...
We chat with director Anne Fletcher; Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon - who plays a no-nonsense cop; and Sofía Vergara - who plays a sexy and outgoing widow of a drug boss in Warner's upcoming comedy, HOT PURSUIT
Live Bait
Blake Lively is one (and only?) reason we're going out to get Green Lantern on DVD this month

Blake Lively is slowly but surely proving that she's not just a pretty face. Having made her mark as rich kid Serena van der Woodsen in TV's Gossip Girl after a great turn in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and its sequel Lively showed she was all grown up in her next movie, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. Then came the role that really proved that she was no longer a young girl opposite Ben Affleck in The Town.
Now, Lively has added 'comic book heroine' to her ever-growing resume, with her portrayal of Carol Ferris in Green Lantern. Starring alongside Ryan Reynolds, Lively shows that she's more than capable than holding her own against big-name actors, and also that she's an actress to be taken seriously, thank you very much.
Here, she tells us more about this important role, why she took it on and what she thought of Green Lantern before she got involved in the movie project.

Tell us about your character, Carol Ferris.

Carol Ferris is an incredible character, especially in this genre of film. I always grew up loving comic book films. She's unique because she's not the damsel in distress; she is an equal with Hal. They're the two best fighter pilots in the world. She runs the aviation company that Hal works for. She grew up, they were best friends and they were each other's first love; so there's a lot of tension with the two of them and a bit of a rivalry. They're always challenging each other and sparring and I love that relationship. In a lot of ways she has to save Hal when he's feeling weak, because he is only human. She's there to kick him in the butt and help see and realise his full potential. I love that, because I think that that's much more true to real life. There aren't heroes and the people that stand by their side, everybody is leaning on each other and helping each other. Seeing a woman full of such strength and character, she's a fighter pilot, and I think that that's really great that she was able to not just be the woman in the lab or the woman on the train tracks. I just loved her. I thought that she was really gutsy and unlike any character I've ever seen in this sort of film.

Is that what drew you to the project? Did you know about the Green Lantern before this?

No, I didn't know about the Green Lantern before this. I realised very quickly how naÃ

From the minds of the deranged geniuses who decided that Jane Austen and zombies would be a good mix comes Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a film that re-imagines the 16th president of America as a guy who not only has the emancipation of slaves on his resume, but also moonlighted as a killer of bloodsuckers.

Check out our exclusive video chat with film director Timur Bekmambetov, leading man Benjamin Walker, arch villain Rufus Sewell and writer/producer Seth Grahame-Smithe- scribe of the original novel- to talk character origins, Tim Burton's influence on the work, and the process of shooting the film.
Watch the new trailer, and a short video where John Woo shares his passion in the making of 'The Crossing' (太平轮: 乱世浮生).

By Jedd Jong

Filmmakers and moviegoers know just when they`ve struck gold with an onscreen pairing, and the double act of Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng is one of those that really seems to work. Together with director Johnnie To, the three have become known as the “Iron Trio: Their first collaboration, 2000`s Needing You, was a smash hit at a time when the Hong Kong film industry was at a low ebb.

Lau and Cheng were in town to promote their latest film with director To, the comedy-crime thriller Blind Detective. The pair fielded questions at a press conference at the Equarius Hotel, before meeting a 3000-strong throng of delighted fans at Plaza Singapura shopping mall and attending a red-carpet premiere of the movie at the Festive Grand Theatre in Resorts World Sentosa.


Award-winning local filmmaker Kelvin Tong's brainchild, It`s A Great Great World, is coming to fruition this Chinese New Year. With a huge ensemble cast, no less
By Kaye S.

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