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Jackie Chan's Chinese Zodiac gets an official MTV!

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Jackie Chan's latest action blockbuster, Chinese Zodiac, makes its assault on cinemas on 20 December 2012. In the meantime, an official music video has been released featuring Chan belting out a rock-pop-hip-hop tune called 妙手空空, featuring stalwarts of the Chinese pop scene Wakin Chau and A-Yue.

As you can tell from the MTV (which really serves as an extended trailer for the film), Chan is planning to dial the action up to insane levels. His character's search for twelve mystic artifacts - the bronze heads of the animals who make up the Chinese zodiac - takes him all over the world. Filming has taken place in locations as far-flung as Latvia and France, as well as China, Taiwan and Vanuatu... and clearly he plunges into the deep jungle as well to recover some of the artifacts he must find.

The film is the third film in the Armour Of God franchise - the second movie (Operation Condor) opened over twenty years ago in 1991, so it'll be interesting to see where Chan goes with the franchise now that he's revived it!

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