A Haunted House – Review

Basically a sad spoof of found footage films like the Paranormal Activity movies, A Haunted House centres on young couple Malcolm (Wayans) and Kisha (Atkins), who move into their new crib only to find out that it`s haunted by an ornery poltergeist. Cue exorcisms and ghost sex.  

Like the tired franchise that is Scary Movie, A Haunted House`s plot is basically just a premise for godawful, off-putting raunch as a substitute for any sort of witty satire. Suffice to say you won`t be finding Woody Allen levels of comedic brilliance in this number, particularly when the first gag is an extended fart joke.

While we don`t necessarily possess the most sophisticated of tastes in film, A Haunted House`s patchwork stringing-together of set pieces soon begins to irritate, rather than entertain. The actors occasionally come across as trying too hard, and the large majority of the jokes play out like borderline bigotry rather than risquÃ