#66 (Jul 2015)


So here we are, approaching our lovely country’s 50th birthday, and I’m still a little clueless as to what I should feel for our hometown. Yes, it’s mostly about the dilution of our thick Singaporean bloodline.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m damn proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and our ability to come up tops at almost anything… except maybe at international beauty pageants and the Oscars.

In many ways, the recent passing of our first prime minister reminded many of the comfort zones we had obliviously taken for granted.

I was also lucky to be obliviously born after Singapore’s struggles, set against the backdrop of racial riots, to merge with another neighbouring state for greater leverage against the world, before it headed somewhat pessimistically towards its independence.

Maybe we’re at a crossroads. Maybe we need to be taught another lesson. And maybe we need a reboot.

If there’s anything good about the movies, it’s the ability to tell a story, even 50 years of history, within a single lunch break. In many ways, we hope the movie 1965 – about the struggles of our forefathers – will somehow do its bit to educate our younger generation. Yes, myself included.

We started out as a disunited band of brothers-to-be with everything (religions, races, views and trolls) in our way, but we survived and flourished. What’s stopping us from integrating with another band of foreign brothers-to-be? What’s stopping our original ancestors from joining our existing race and Filipinos from being our fifth race? More residents means more talent to advance, doesn’t it?

It’s always darkest before dawn. The future is always brightest if we walk towards it, instead of holding on to the past and resisting change. That’s just a silly – or if I may so call it – a sudden opening-up of my sometimes clouded mentality. Let’s all learn from history, and from our elders.

See you at the movies, and Happy advance National Day, residents and brothers-to-be of Singapore!


Royston Loh

FB, Instagram, Twitter: @RoystonLoh

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