3 PEAS IN A POD meet the press with director Michelle Chong

Chong`s young, fresh-faced cast includes newcomer Jae Liew and two former members of boybands: Calvin Chen, of Taiwanese pop group Fahrenheit; and Alexander Lee Eusebio of U-KISS fame. All three are making their movie debuts with 3 Peas In A Pod.

The quartet, who spent almost a month filming together on location, have clearly become good friends, teasing and reminiscing with one another about the shoot.

Chong did not seem to find the relative inexperience of her cast a problem. “They have a lot of charisma, they`re really good-looking and youthful. The feel is right.

Liew confessed that she was very nervous while filming. “Of course I was! The three people around me all had so much experience! And, she added jokingly, “Who wouldn`t be stressed out acting with two guys who are so hot?

“Most of the show revolves around the three of us, Chen recalled. “Developing that chemistry was very important, and we think we did that quite well!

“To me, this role was a real bonding experience, Eusebio remarked. “We got to know each other a few days before, and as we shot the movie, we got really close.

Liew and Eusebio both agree that Chen was most concerned with his appearance during the shoot.

“The change is quite different for me, since I had to play such a `good boy` in the film. I don`t think I was too particular about how I looked! Chen laughed. “I think they think I care about looking pretty because I always use the mirror on my iPhone to check my face.

Chong joked, “When I was editing the film, every take started with him checking his face one last time!

Having been on the road together for so long, the actors and their director found out a little about one another`s odd habits.

“Calvin exercises a lot at night! Eusebio explained. “We lived in the same house on Kangaroo Island, but in different rooms. At night, we would hear these grunting and moaning sounds…

“And Calvin would be all sweaty in his room, Jae chimed in.

“He brought all his super-heavy equipment with him! Chong recalled. “Like his dumbbells.

“And my push-up bar! Chen agreed.

Jae admitted to liking to eat. She would constantly offer food to everyone, and would be eating chocolates and chips all the time.

“She eats a lot! Eusebio marvelled. “Even before kissing! She ate a hash brown before our kissing scene!

No one could really come up with an odd habit for Xander, saying he was very well-behaved, until Calvin remembered the Rolls Royce they drove in the film. “Every time, Xander opens the door of the Rolls Royce so gingerly and carefully, because the car is so expensive. It`s really cute!

All three young actors were full of praise for Chong as a director.

“She`s a very friendly person, but the moment she calls, `Action!`, she`s very serious when she`s directing, said Eusebio.

“She knows exactly what she wants in each shot, Liew added. “Sometimes, when I`m not acting too well, she`ll come over and show me exactly what expression she wants from me!

“She`s an actress herself, Chen observed, “So she knows when your onscreen expression doesn`t really work. Sometimes, we might look the part, but we`re not quite feeling it inside. The acting is more on the surface, you know? She`ll know, and she`ll tell us and correct us.

When asked about her hopes for the film, Chong admitted candidly, “On top of box office success, I hope audiences will like it, and not dismiss it as fluff… yet. Just watch it, and judge it for itself.

3 Peas In A Pod opens on 14 November 2013 and is in sneak previews now.

Pictures: 3 Peas in a Pod`s Facebook page