#29 (Jun 2012)

Beware or rejoice: After the big-bang start of the multi-superhero ensemble that was The Avengers, more costumed parties are heading our way this summer.

Of course, if you’re sick of all these comic characters, you probably won’t be reading this, given that our June cover features another spandex-wearer.

This month, Andrew Garfield, a 27-year-old Brit, is stepping into a redesigned Spider-Man suit, taking over from Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and his web-slinging alter ego in the reboot of the popular Spidey franchise, The Amazing Spider-Man. You may not like to know that the new role not only gave Garfield the chance to realise a childhood dream, but also snagged the lucky bugger a new beautiful gal friend in fellow co-star, Emma Stone, whom he fell in love with during filming. What the… we know right? Well you can choose not to read about it out of sheer jealousy, or steal a lesson or two in our exclusive interview with him on page 44.

Talking about babes, we also look back at some famous female companions of the superheroes – some of whom also ended up being bed mates with their leading men, in real life – in our top 10 super women, on page 64.

Real life scenarios are also being reflected in the comic world of The Marvel Universe who, in their strive to make sure their characters are more grounded in reality, have upped the game by holding a same-sex wedding in its upcoming “Astonishing X-Men” issue, for its first ever openly gay superhero Northstar and his boyfriend. If you’ve not already seen it, we have their wedding pic inside as well.

Elsewhere, in another universe, sci-fi maestro Ridley Scott is back with the very promising Prometheus, which looks set to be another box-office winner. We talk to the legendary director about his return to the genre after a three-decade absence, on page 38.

Then, there is the too interesting to ignore film of a past president masquerading as a vampire after office hours in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which sees 29-year-old Benjamin Walker playing the role. Hear what Walker has to say about this on page 72.

The reel world is full of surprises indeed, and you get to read all about them and more in our very interestingly titled magazine. So stay peeled as we bring you another man in latex in the next issue of F***. The Dark Knight Rises, anyone?

Enjoy and see you at the movies.

Royston Loh